The Gacci Estate produces a single bottle. A unique blend of sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and ancellotta

Gacci makes variable proportions vintage by vintage. We try to give the best interpretation of the year in the final blend that defines the vintage.

This distinctive blend, ideal on this latitude and a paradigm of a timeless territory suspended between past, present and future, is our GENIUS LOCI.

“It’s time to open the mind because the classifications are lies invented by those who don’t know about wine… we need to be smarter … today wine should not be known from the chemical point of view but from the human one”

Giacomo Tachis


SANGIOVESE is history true history. It gets its name here in its homeland where it has demonstrated its excellence for centuries.


CABERNET SAUVIGNON in ancient times on these soils has traced its own path, from Italy to the transalpine regions becoming “international”.


MERLOT is similar to Cabernet for breed and history. In some Italian regions, including Romagna, it is often vinified in purity and it has found ideal environmental conditions since the end of the nineteenth century.


ANCELLOTTA in its natural habitat is so unique and special in its contribution to our “blue apostrophe”. It perfectly embodies the expression: “the detail that makes the difference”.

“The grapes can have a nationality, even if somewhat uncertain, but in my opinion they do not have a cultivation nationality…”

Giuseppe di Rovasenda “Essay of a Universal Ampelography” 1877

It is difficult to establish what was native to the Etruscans.

The same “Vitis Biturica” in its passage through the Caucasian countries moved to Italy first and then to France, thanks to the expansion of the Roman Empire, before returning to Italy.

The vine has always travelled without a passport. It is the true interpretion of the latin IUS SOLI.

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